Strategic Loan Partnership Services

Successful bank lending officers distinguish themselves by bringing BIG value to their business loan clients and process. They know the record of excellence and reputation for integrity of BIG financial professionals, relying on us to enhance their credit risk analyses, loan portfolio performance, client relationships and new business loan opportunities.

BIG partners with banks and businesses of all sizes, structures and industries, providing expert financial and operational assessments, consulting, collateral value verification and securitization, debt covenant renegotiations, recapitalizations, and forensic accounting.

Win Win

BIG’s expertise perfectly complements and supplements your in-house due diligence and credit risk analyses and provides a BIG value-added service to your clients. Our multi-dimensional, proprietary approach applies strategic assessments and forensic evaluations to a company’s operations and financials that are different from yours, their CPA’s and auditor’s. As an independent assistant to the lending process and company management, we provide synergistic services that will:

  • Verify and project the company’s financial ratios, as well as their future profit and growth centers;
  • Help the company achieve the right kind of profitable, sustainable growth and improve its competitive position;
  • Provide mid-term reviews to detect and address problems within company operations before they stall profitable growth;
  • Generate improved loan collection rates and mitigate the risk of late payment or default;
  • Secure additional new business loan opportunities;
  • Strengthen your relationships with clients; they will be indebted to you for referring our services.

Zero Risk

Together, we will help your business clients improve their financial ratios, debt repayment abilities and credit scores in a BIG way--via our system of increasing productivity and asset utilization, revenues, profitability and cash flow and uncovering overlooked opportunities. At every stage of a loan — application, middle or troubled — partnering with BIG maximizes the process and financing options for bank officers and business owners alike. This benefits your portfolio performance and provides additional opportunities to fund your growth and theirs.

In short, by helping your clients succeed, you succeed.

See our client case studies for more information.

Strategic Loan Partnership Services

We are the the only strategic loan partner capable of providing the most profitable results for you or your clients. Located in North Royalton, near Cleveland Ohio.

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