Strategic Business Planning & Consulting

Business owners have a different set of needs than individuals and families. In many cases, however, a small business owner's personal tax issues are intertwined and directly connected with those of the business. CPAs act as independent advisors who can work with business owners to help them meet day-to-day and long-term goals. We can:

  • Create a realistic business plan, and help you select an organizational structure that meets your needs
  • Help identify financing and negotiate financing terms and conditions
  • Manage finances and accounting processes: Balance budgets, oversee taxes and payroll, determine sales tax liability, value products and inventory, track performance, monitor costs, develop marketing and pricing strategies, explain government, environmental and economic regulations and ensure compliance
  • Advise on day-to-day operations, including salaries and benefits, IT system requirements, internal controls, fraud mitigation and risk management, retirement plan and health care options, and insurance-provider selection

Business Planning & Business Consulting in North Royalton & Cleveland Ohio

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