Raising of Capital / Financing

Sometimes, businesses need money to continue to grow. BIG can help you obtain the capital which may be necessary to obtain new equipment or real estate, stave off creditors or just accomplish your business goals.

BIG is your liaison between the bank and your company, bridging the gap of credibility and moving the transaction forward.

The key to successful equity investments, mezzanine financing, acquisitions and mergers is thorough and accurate due diligence before the completion of a transaction. We have a system that not only encompasses the legal and financial aspects but also the strategic, operational and cultural aspects of the deal. For capital influxes, we provide the analysis and measurements to help turn your business around as well as providing you the means to monitor your ongoing progress.

An influx of cash is only a band-aid. BIG will determine the steps needed to strengthen your cash flow position and keep you moving in the right direction.

See our client case studies for more information.

Capital Raising in the North Royalton & Cleveland Area

Utilize our ability to raise capital for your business so you can achieve your goals, obtain new real estate, purchase new equipment, or stave off creditors.

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