Financial, Operational & Strategic Advice

There is an old adage which says: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” BIG helps your business to succeed by developing a plan which reflects your organizations’ goals and visions.

The first step in this process is to perform a strategic analysis. Then we develop and implement a strategic plan that consist of:

  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies resulting in increased shareholder and enterprise value;
  • Help organizations achieve world class manufacturing and distribution;
  • Create lean manufacturing to save money;
  • Find domestic and international sourcing solutions; and
  • Provide quality measurement systems and efficient business processes.

BIG helps organizations improve their performance by “peeling back the onion” and analyzing current business problems and then developing actions to be implemented for improvement in the following areas.

Business Strategy Consulting

  • Clarify strategic priorities
  • Set organizational objectives regarding markets, products, technology, geography
  • Allocate organizational resources, redeploy capital

Market Strategy

  • Match organizational core competencies to markets with potential growth
  • Identify margin improvement
  • Redeploy organizational resources

Pricing Strategy

  • Identify and analyze all costs
  • Segment products and customers into profit levels
  • Identify areas for pricing changes to improve profit
  • Develop pricing strategy utilizing strategic, value, transaction, unbundling concepts 

See our client case studies for more information.

Financial, Operations & Strategy Advice - North Royalton

The Business Improvement Group helps organizations improve performance by analyzing current business problems and implementing actions to fix those issues.

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