Business Check Up

Need a Business Check Up? Think BIG. If you are like most, you avoid going to the doctor for a check up until you don’t feel well. Unfortunately, many executives do the same with their businesses.

Why wait until your business is sick? At BIG, we have developed a comprehensive Business Check Up that will help you to make your business healthier. And in corporate America, a healthy business means a lean, highly profitable business.

Through a thorough financial, operational, competitive and strategic analysis, a BIG Business Check Up will help you to identify your company’s viability and identify major roadblocks that may be preventing you from growing profitably.

What We Do

Our comprehensive methodology begins with a thorough assessment of your company. We will:

  • Analyze your financial data
  • Tour your facilities to evaluate operational performance
  • Interview owners and key management
  • Gain an understanding of your market, transactions, operations, and sales trends
  • Research your customers and competitors
  • Understand and review your pricing strategies
  • Review your assets, if requested

The deliverables of a Business Check Up are aimed at determining whether your company is properly positioned for long-term success; and if not, how we can help you get there. The professionals at BIG will develop a short term tactical business plan focused on the aggressive management of accounts receivables, inventory, accounts payables and non-core assets.

See our client case studies for more information.

Business Advising & Check Up in North Royalton Ohio

We make sure your business is properly positioned for long term success by analyzing financial data, reviewing assets, and understanding pricing strategies.

BIG Financial & Advisory Services are the top Accountants in North Royalton Ohio