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  • Why A Startup Tax Review For The Middle Of The Year?

    September 11, 2019

    Why A Startup Tax Review For The Middle Of The Year?

    Why A Startup Tax Review For The Middle Of The Year?

    Tax time has come and gone and most likely, you’ve banished taxes from your mind until next year. But as a startup, things can change at the drop of a hat. Estimated tax payments can change, the structure of your business could no longer make sense, and things like retirement plans could be pushed to the back burner to focus on other things.

    Getting a startup tax review for the middle of the year can help you be more prepared when tax season rolls around again. You’ll face fewer surprises, be better prepared, and can minimize your tax liability. Hiring an experienced CPA can help get you ready for next season with a variety of services.

    How To Prepare For Your Business Taxes Now

    Ready to start preparing for next tax season? That’s great. Here are a few steps to help you get started today:

    • Schedule the appointment. You can’t get started with an experienced CPA until you make the appointment. Schedule it today and don’t wait.
    • Get close with your expenses. If you’ve been neglecting in tracking your expenses and documenting your receipts, now’s the time to get caught up.
    • Retirement plans make a difference. Making contributions to your retirement plan can offer significant tax breaks. If you haven’t started one for your business yet, do it now.

    Tax Planning Early For BIG Rewards

    Getting a mid-year checkup and starting your tax planning early can provide BIG rewards. BIG Financial can ease the burden and increase the chances of success of your start-up by helping with the accounting, operational, strategic planning and tax areas of your new and existing business.

    We have many years of experience with startups and many of us have also have started our own small business. This gives us added insight and experience that is invaluable to the new business owner.

    This experience can help us foresee what potential issues you could run into and make adjustments now to make the most of tax season next year.

    Contact BIG Financial today and schedule your startup tax review today.

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