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  • Tax Filing With A CPA Has Huge Benefits For Small Businesses

    May 15, 2019

    Tax Filing With A CPA Has Huge Benefits For Small Businesses

    Tax Filing With A CPA Has Huge Benefits For Small Businesses

    As your business grows, simply “balancing the books” no longer does the trick. In fact, you could make mistakes that not only cost you this tax season, but can affect the next few years as well. Hiring a CPA to file your taxes has huge benefits for your small business whether you’re in the start-up phase or an established business.

    Don’t make the mistake of just hiring a friend or local accounting guy. CPAs have the background, experience, and training to make your money work for you. They are experts in areas that directly impact your business. They know how to perform research and analysis of your finances to find the best tax breaks based on their extensive ongoing training.

    Advantages Of Using CPA Tax Experts

    CPAs can bring massive tax benefits to your small business. A few of the more popular include:

    • Expense deductions - CPAs help you examine your expenses, discovering ways to save money and find deductions that you might have otherwise missed.
    • Maximize profits - CPAs can look over your yearly expenses and find areas where you may be overpaying and how you can turn that into a profit.
    • Income reporting - Failure to report revenue can lead to trouble with the IRS. CPAs will help you find hidden revenue so that you can avoid fees and penalties.

    CPA Services For Small Businesses

    BIG can ease the burden and increase the chances of success of your start-up by helping with the accounting, operational, strategic planning and tax areas of your new and existing business. Several of our experienced CPAs have also been small business owners themselves. That gives them added insight and experience that is invaluable to any small business owner.

    If you’re looking to maximize your deductions while eliminating costly fees and penalties, our experienced CPAs can help.

    Trust the CPAs with BIG to maximize your deductions and eliminate costly fees this year.

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