February 2016 Blog Posts

  • 2015 Tax Brackets. What Are they?

    February 23, 2016

    What are the tax brackets from 2015?

    Wondering what you are expected to pay based on the Tax Bracket you were in for 2015? Check it out here.

    Filing Individually
    Individual Tax Filing Brackets

    Married Filing Jointly
    Married Jointly Tax Filing Brackets

    Married Filing Sepearately
    Married Filing Separately Tax Filing Brackets

    Head of Household
    Head of Household Tax Filing Brackets

    Trusts and Estates
    Trusts and Estates Tax Filing Brackets

  • Identity Theft in Tax Returns

    February 9, 2016

     Stop Tax Identity Theft in Its Tracks


    Imagine after sending in your annual tax return, you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service saying that another return has already been filed using your name and Social Security number—and claiming a refund. Sound impossible? It can happen if you become one of a growing number of victims of tax return identity theft. According to one estimate, tax-related identity theft cases have soared more than 650% since 2008. At the least, this crime can lead to a delay in your refund, but the consequences may be much more serious. In addition, you may face a larger problem with identify theft if the scammer is also running up credit card debt or taking out loans in your name.


    To avoid becoming a victim, we recommend steps such as safeguarding your Social Security number and other financial information, keeping an eye on changes to your credit ratings and taking precautions with electronic transfers of confidential information. Be sure to contact us if you believe you have been a victim of identity theft or would like advice on the best ways to secure your financial information.