Looking To Buy A Business? How CPA’s Can Help

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January 15, 2019

Looking To Buy A Business? How CPA’s Can Help

Looking To Buy A Business? How CPA’s Can Help

Looking to buy a business? That’s great -- but where do you start? You need to determine what the legal aspects of purchasing the business are, how to get business financing, and figure out what type of business you want to buy. An experienced CPA can help answer these and questions and more by helping you make a savvy business decision based on facts, not speculation.

A CPA’s usefulness doesn’t end with the acquisition. They’ll also help you determine how to set it up and operate it under new ownership to ensure the business continues to thrive. A CPA can play a critical role in the purchase of a business while taking the accounting burdens off your shoulders.

CPA Benefits In Purchasing A Business

A CPA can play several roles to makes sure that you are making a savvy business decision. Purchasing a business is a long-term commitment and a CPA can help reduce the risk by:

  • Analyzing financial reports to determine any underlying issues
  • Provide advice on the company’s current structure and the tax implications that accompany it
  • Compare past and future debt/equity ratios to understand future earning possibilities
  • Verify the company’s assets and debts

These are major issues that can greatly influence the the value of a company that a CPA can help you discover.

Financial Advisory Services For BIG Results

At BIG, we know how important proper accounting is to the success of your business endeavors. Whether you are starting up a new business or have been in business for years, BIG can help you in all areas of business including financial, operational, sales, or personnel based. A few of our more popular financial advisory services include:

  • Business mentoring to help you convert problems into opportunities
  • Strategic business planning and consulting to help you meet day-to-day and long-term goals
  • Business check ups to ensure your business is running smoothly

Hiring an experienced CPA can help you make the best of your business purchasing decision.

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